Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brisket Hash - Oh My

I had a little smoked brisket in the fridge and decided brisket hash sounded mighty good – as you know I like breakfast food. Started by getting the ingredients chopped up. I did this early, then sat around with baited breath (read the paper) waiting for Bev to get up so I could commence to cooking.

Sautéed the onions and sweet green pepper in a little olive oil.

Added some frozen hash browns – too lazy to make fresh, but I’m not sure I could tell fresh from Ore Ida in this application.

Then added the brisket and mixed well.

When I had it the way I wanted it, I made 3 wells (Larry-2, Beverly-1), dropped an egg into each, and covered with a glass lid.

When the eggs were done, plated them up and sided with a slice of toasted homemade bread.

I had meant to add a jalapeno but a little Sriracha after the fact worked well. It was Tooooo Good! Did I mention I like breakfast food. Have a great day.


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