Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Major Break Through

We had three 11 year olds (Alex and 2 friends) here for a weekend sleepover and decided to see if we could show them there are better burgers than fast food – our grand daughter’s favorite is a McDouble without cheese (two wafer thin, cooked to oblivion, taste less patties on a bun) - yuk. So after a day of playing on the lake to the point of nearly worn out, we grilled up some nice hand pattied burgers to medium, let them dress to their liking and gulped them down - that's why I have no pics to post. After they finished, they all agreed (even Alex) that these were better than McDonalds. This is part of our plan to restore our country's youth to the wonderous world of food that is actually good and healthier (not that burgers are). I'll do better with getting pics in the future, but here's one of Alex doing a sleep over type thing.

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  1. I think the blog is great and gives me a little more insight into her daily activities. I hope the girls did not keep you guys up all night.


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