Thursday, March 2, 2017

Good Eats and Cars vs. Concrete

My last post was for a Beef Oscar dish and we had some leftovers that just screamed to be made into breakfast.  So I added a little butter to a skillet and tossed in some of the chopped asparagus and crab meat, shortly followed by a nice scoop of the Bearnaise.  When the sauce began to melt, I added a couple of well beaten eggs and scrambled into soft curds.  It wasn't an inspiring photo, but sided with a slice of buttered toast, it made for an excellent breakfast.

While Bev and Pat were in Gatlinburg for our annual time share week, Pat had occasion to drive back to the condo and park in the underground garage – you know those kind with tight spaces and big concrete pillars that hold up the building.  Well she cut it a little short pulling into the spot and the result was:

Concrete pillar – 1
Plastic car bumper – 0

The silver lining - no injury and it could have been worse. 

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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2/21/17 Meal Date


  1. The concrete always wins :( Love your amazing breakfast! Have a happy weekend Bev & Larry!

  2. That is my kind of breakfast! It looks wonderful Larry. Bummer about the bumper but I am glad she is okay.

  3. That breakfast sounds fabulous Larry. I hate those garages.

  4. Larry, I knew that I saw a breakfast coming with those dinner leftovers! But I thought that it would involve a 'dippy' egg or two. Bummer bumper buddy! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Breakfast looks great, eggs rule with about anything!

  6. Its not to difficult to brush against those concrete pillars in parking garages-Ugh. Glad it was not worse.

    You breakfast rocks!


  7. Excellent is right…I'd be happy if I found your eggs on the menu of a good restaurant.

  8. Yes----good leftovers like you had really made for some great breakfast... YUM...

    There's an area in Gatlinburg which has close parking places like that with concrete poles.... I wonder how many people damage their cars in places like that... So sorry.


  9. Gotta love a good egg breakfast! I'm so glad they aren't the evil health monsters we were told they were a few years ago. I would have traded that scratched bumper any day for a broken wrist in a car accident!

  10. I love that egg breakfast! And I could paint up that car bumper no problem, although it wouldn't look new again. Parking garages are so annoying! At least Pat wasn't hurt (other than her pride, presumably), so there's no real damage done.

  11. Right after we got our nice, new big shiny truck last year, Alexis went to the pharmacy drive thru and scraped the wall with the front left bumper. Good times ;)


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