Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our First RV Rally – Walland, TN

Within the RV world there are a myriad of RV clubs, associations, etc. all to foster the enjoyment of RVing.  Many of them result in discounts at campgrounds while others do the same at RV stores, such as Camping World.  Some are just for full timers, some are for just owners of a certain type of coach, and some are open to anyone.  One thing that most of them do is organize rallies where RVers can come together in a social setting.

We belong to several of the clubs with one of them being the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) – a large club headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.  It has several chapters across the country, one of which is in our area and known as the Tennessee Travelers.

We contacted them upon our return from our western trip and it turned out they had a rally planned for 10/21-10/25 at Misty River Campground in Walland, TN – 30 miles from our house.  This presented too good of a first rally opportunity to pass up and we quickly signed up for the event, which was timed tor the fall colors in the Smokies.

Misty River is a nice campground located along the Little River about a half mile north of Walland on the Old Walland Hwy.  I've driven along US-321 many, many times but had never noticed the campground due to the wooded area along the river – Google Earth shots of it.

As can be seen in the second shot, they have a large area for RV storage and the area to the left of it is now a corn maze.  The building below houses the office and a large meeting room – lots of area to maneuver the coach at the entrance area.

These are shots up and down one of the rows with most of these coaches being part of the rally.

Our site was pretty large and level and included a table and large fire ring.

This is the large field between the river and the camping area and the very nice laundry and shower facility.

There is a little flat area along the river and access to the water for wading, swimming, and fishing.

We really enjoyed our stay at the campground and would recommend it to anyone wanting to stay on the quiet side of the Smokies.  I have three posts about the rally and will intersperse them with some others.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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10/21–10/25/2013 event date


  1. Pretty campground. The quiet side would suit me to a tee.

  2. Well, you can't beat a first time rally opportunity 30 miles from home. We've always wanted an Airstream and they have their own rallies. Did the dogs go?

  3. We've been to great rallies and some that we vowed never to go back to again. Sure hope you had a good time at yours. The campground looks like a wonderful place regardless of whether there's a rally or not.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to meet lots of new friends through RVing??? AND--I'm sure it was nice not having to drive so far for a rally like that... The 'quiet' side of the Smokies is GREAT.


  5. Larry, You guys have rapidly become part of a subculture in America...The RV experience is a growing social group and you have happily immersed yourselves in it! More importantly, Bev has gotten you out of the house and traveling! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie

  6. Joining an RV club is a great idea and a fun way to meet other people who love traveling in their RV.

  7. I noticed no one was wading or tubing, little cold out eh? ;)


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