Sunday, November 10, 2013

Madison And Anthony Finally Meet

After nearly a year of online dating, Madison finally got to meet her boyfriend, Anthony, as he and his father flew in from California for a five day visit.  I cannot imagine what it must be like for them in this situation.  Obviously, Madison wanted to spend every minute with Anthony that she could, but she also wanted to feed him well and she had a specific menu - his parents don't get home from work until late and he feeds himself pretty much the same thing every day.

The first day, Anthony just recovered from his red-eye flight and the first meal was our usual crappie in lemon/butter/caper sauce.

The second day, they went to the mall for the day and a local corn maze at night with supper in between - it was Fire Roasted Chicken Cordon Bleu.

The third day, they went to Pigeon Forge, primarily to visit WonderWorks and that night supper was Oysters Rockefeller and coconut shrimp.

The next day, they went to Pigeon Forge again and for supper, it was BBQ ribs and Buffalo wings using my normal process for both.

Thursday was Halloween and they spent the day relaxing then getting ready to go out in their costumes.

We had only seen Anthony sitting down via Skype and he is much taller than I expected.  He is a very nice young man and a pleasure to be around.

We had Cuban sandwiches before they left.

On the last day, they just visited, hugged, carved pumpkins, hugged, went for a walk to the lake, hugged, posed for pictures, hugged, all followed by a tear filled good by, as expected.

I think they had a wonderful time together and we made everything on Madison's menu except homemade ravioli, as we were cooked out by the end of the visit.  As a bonus, we got to spend several hours getting to know Anthony's dad. 

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  1. How cool they got to meet and how nice that you were able to get to know his day. Looks like Madison knows how to plan a great menu.

  2. The first love of my life moved and we spent several years doing the long distance relationship thing. 363 miles from my door to hers, fortunately I was 16 and could drive. Leaving on that last day of visits was always extremely tough, I can empathize with how Madison must have felt. So glad that you all got to help her with this, I don't think I have ever seen her so happy in pictures.

  3. I hope Madison has recovered from him going back to California. I can only imagine what I'd be feeling like at her age. However, Social Media would certainly keep her in touch better. All we had were telephones and lots of long distance charges. And with all that good food, I'm surprised Anthony went home.

  4. Laurie here....We are so very happy that Madison & Anthony have finally met one another! What a wonderful surprise! Last we heard, it wasn't going to happen. They truly look like a couple that have been an item for quite awhile...& yes, they have know each other for a year but they totally look completely comfortable with each other & dare I say, in love? We know how much Madison has wanted Anthony to come & visit & now it's happened! Yippee!!! She totally took charge & planned a wonderful menu & she also looks like she was truly happy with how everything tuned out & Anthony looks pleased as well! Madison has her grandparents to thank for a lot of that! Great job all around!

    Anthony is a handsome young man & seems to be well grounded. I'm sure he has his Dad to thank for that. We assume Madison will want to be going to California next! Sounds like a great vacation trip for you all in your RV!!!


  5. Looks like they had a wonderful time and I think the menu planning was a perfect selection!

  6. Awwwhhh.. that is so great that they finally got to meet face to face... looks like they had a great time... and looks like Anthony got the royal food treatment too!!

  7. Gosh darn, that boy never went hungry... can't believe Madison is so grownup, and such a beautiful young woman too...
    oh, got a chuckle from the 'Hind Lick Maneuver', thanks

  8. Madison and Anthony make a wonderful couple. You guys did a great job feeding and entertaining him.

  9. You definitely fed them very well -- everything looked delicious. I'm glad they had a wonderful time together.

  10. How difficult to carry on such a long distance relationship. I'm so happy that they finally got to meet and you were such a wonderful host. You can certainly see how happy they are :)

  11. Woo hoo, for Madison and Anthony! Good luck to them! And I'm sure he loved all the good food too!

  12. sure know how to feed your guests. Madison and her new boyfriend look great together!

  13. You guys are the best grandparents - what a wonderful weekend - I bet it was fun to watch and equally fun to experience that wonderful menu!

  14. I'm betting Anthony will want to return soon for more of that wonderful food! It looks like they had a wonderful weekend, and got on as well in real life as virtually. Plus, those Halloween costumes were terrific!


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