Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Let’s Head to KC - Rodeo

Getting back to our RV trip- from Denver, we just got on I-70 and pointed the RV east, with the first stop at the KOA in Wakeeney, KS.  It was a nice park but since some severe storms arrived shortly after us (we’d already driven thru them), I didn’t get any shots, but it was very nice and I’d stay there again.

The next day, we drove more I-70 (good road in Kansas) past a 20 mile long wind farm and millet fields with oil wells, through Kansas City to the Oak Grove, MO KOA.

We wanted to have KC behind us for the next leg of the trip.  The park was okay, but we’ve stayed in several KOAs, that were on a slope which makes the area between sites not as usable.  Check in was very friendly and efficient and the office/ store and laundry were all 4 star.

After setting up and resting up, we met Jackie, Dave (My Year On The Grill  & Inspired by eRecipeCards.com) and their son for a night at the American Royal Rodeo – a first for me.  I couldn’t really get any good action shots but here are a few others to get the idea.

I had a blast and it fulfilled a trip long desire of Bev’s to see a rodeo.  I thought bareback bronc riding should rip your body apart and the little kids riding sheep and later trying to rope a calf and drag it into a circle had me in stiches.  Thanks Jackie and Dave for a really fun evening.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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9/27 – 9/28/2013 event dates


  1. It always amazes me the number of people who have never seen a rodeo. Growing up in Montana we used to go to three or four a summer and that was in a really small town. My body hurts just watching them ride.

  2. Larry, It's been many, many years since I've gone to a rodeo. I'm always afraid that someone will be seriously hurt in the bull or bronc riding... It's nice that you were able to hook up with another blogger buddy! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Rodeos are so much fun! Glad you guys had a good time.

  4. Mutton Busting is a hoot, isn't it? Rodeo is a lot of fun; you really have to admire the grit of the bull riders. Those are some tough dudes.

  5. How fun to go to a rodeo. Small time rodeo's were part of our county fair when I was growing up. While we lived in Houston we went a very big one - the Livestock Show & Rodeo at the Astrodome. So glad you had a good time with Jackie & Dave and got to experience a rodeo.

  6. Growing up in KY there were lots of rodeos, but I haven't been to one in years. Now when I think about stuff like that and the bull runs, not so sure about it all. Glad you all got to see it and enjoyed it!

  7. Knew someone who lived in that area who told me the American Royal is a huge deal, much bigger than a State Fair?

  8. Isn't that windmill farm incredible? That's where we turn South to head to the family farm. How fun that you got to go to a Rodeo. Did Madison go?


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