Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Grand Teton NP

We began the second day in the Teton area by splitting a huckleberry shake from the Emporium in Victor.

Then we drove over the mountains and into the Grand Teton National Park (NP) for scenery and wildlife viewing.  Getting from Victor to Jackson Hole required a trip over the 8431’ Teton Pass and this is a shot into the Jackson Hole area from the pass in the morning.

And this is from the pass on the way back to Victor in the afternoon.

We took the Moose-Wilson road (some was gravel) and our first stop was a drive through the base of Jackson Hole Ski Area where we had spent some happy times in our younger days and as expected the base area had grown a lot.

Shortly thereafter, we enter the NP as the road continued along the east base of the Tetons.  They are a unique mountain range as they spring up 5000 to 7000 feet above the valley floor without the foothills common to most mountain ranges.

We’d hope to see a bear and a moose but while there was no bear, a beautiful red fox ran across the road in front of us and we did see moose.  This mother and calf were standing in a classic moose habitat.

Others were enjoying them as well and this was the highlight of the day.

We continued on and were soon at Jenny Lake.

Son Eric, who had spent a couple of summers working in the area advised that Jackson Lake Lodge was a must see while we were there and upon arriving we were underwhelmed with the architecture of the lodge, especially compared to those at Old Faithful.  

But when we went up to the second floor and looked out the back window we saw the must-see.

These were from the back deck where a wedding had just taken place (folks were arriving for another wedding as we left) – Mt Moran is the dominant feature.

The above shot would have been much prettier had Jackson lake not been so low as seen in this shot of the marina boat launch.

From there, we drove back to Jackson for a late lunch at Bubba’s BBQ, which had converted itself from a great place where the locals ate into a bigger place across the street serving expensive food to the tourists.  I’m sure they are making way more money, but while the food was pretty good, I much preferred the original (with the cop cars parked outside) that we had visited in our skiing days for cathead biscuits and sausage gravy.

On a sad note: I'm a Tennessee and West Virginia football fan.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. We didn't drive over to Victor. What was that road like?

    1. The road over the pass has a 10% grade and I don't think I'd want to drive it in the RV but I'm sure folks do it.

  2. I am telling you those Teton Mountains are spectacular. And always fun to see a Moose with Baby.

  3. Larry... A fox and a couple of Moose isn't too bad for a day's drive... Nice photo of the falls for your header! Travel Carefully and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. You got to see a moose and her baby. How cool. Gorgeous scenery there. Wow.

    Tennessee didn't have much of a chance did they. Hard to watch if you are a Vol's fan. Moi, I'm an Alabama fan except when they play Arkansas, who doesn't seem to have a chance again this year playing anyone. They can't even win against Rudgers...

  5. Like those huckleberry shakes huh? The Tetons are just incredible mountains. I wouldn't mind seeing a fox and some moose.

  6. You are in some of our favorite territory. Check out the Silver Dollar Bar in the Wort Hotel. Sounds like your trip has been great.

  7. I love that you have taken this trip... The Tetons are yet another place I've wanted to visit but have not gotten to yet. Now it almost feels like I've been there!!!

  8. You have had the most wonderful trip. I can't get over your terrific photos. I've never been in this part of the country but my husband has on motorcycle trips with his I'm enjoying tagging along with you.

  9. I love places like your Emporium. Don't worry about the Vols and WVU. The season is young.

  10. It has been way too long since I visited Grand Teton. I remember how I felt gazing at those magnificent mountains. Your photos are terrific Larry.

  11. The Tetons were the first mountains that made my jaw drop - just spectacular!


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