Monday, April 1, 2013

The New Guy In The Family

When we bought the new RV, Madison realized that she would be on the road a lot and traveling with her ferrets was not really an option, so she agreed to swap them for a puppy.  We found a very good home for the ferrets where they would stay together as a family and we bought a little male Maltese for Madison.  

He is a friendly, high energy little guy who appears to be very smart and is nearly trained to use pads to potty.  Here’s a few shots of the nine week old little feller – nice to have another boy in the family and this past Saturday, Madison decided on the name Bodie (bow-dee).

Nearly everything is a toy for him, especially my toes if he can get them (which I'm working hard to discourage).  While I was shooting him playing with the toys, he ran over and attacked my big toe - those little teeth are like needles so I took the shot quickly.  Fortunately he is, so far, leaving the furniture and electrical cords alone.

Interestingly, in my youth, I always wanted a Maltese and now I’ll get to experience one while Madison lives with us - so far he's a jewel.  He is getting over his fear of Coco and they were tugging on opposite ends of a toy the other day - they both like having a playmate.

And just in case you've been wandering since the patty melt post what to do with leftover roasted red pepper aioli - breakfast of course.

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  1. Love that photo of toe in mouth. Those little dogs just crawl right into your heart, and very quickly. Thanks for posting all the great shots. Bodie is going to love traveling in the RV.

  2. Ohhhh.. Bodie is adorable!! I'm a sucker for animals though :)
    And of course, a sucker for that aioli.. love how you used it here!

  3. What a cutie! My sister had a dog named Bodie. The leftover aioli on your breakfast looks amazing Larry.

  4. Bodie is a great name and he is so cute. Maltese are getting more and more popular and I never hear complaints. They are a very good, family friendly breed and the lack of dander is a giant plus!

  5. Such a cute pup! Reminds me of one I had many years ago that thought he was so tough. I named him Samson.
    Love your breakfast Larry, and would gladly have it anytime of day.

  6. I would trade ferrets for that adorable little guy any day! I'm sure Madison must be thrilled with little Bodie.

  7. What a cute little guy, Larry.... I'm sure that Cocoa will enjoy having a friend around to play with--once they get used to each other!!!!! ha

    Do you all like hummus? We went on a picnic in Cades Cove on Sat. with son and family --and they had hummus. We had never had any--but it was good...


  8. Larry, As you already know, Laurie and I think that Bodie is a cute and lovable little puppy! He's so small, my size 11 shoe is bigger... Madison came up with a great name! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Bodie is adorable. I would love to have a dog but the puppy period is daunting. He sure is cute though. As always, breakfast looks delicious.

  10. What a cute name for a cute dog. Pups sure love to chew don't they.

  11. What a cute puppy! I'm sure you will all have lots of laughs with him around. But good luck keeping those toes intact!

  12. Bodie certainly is a cute little fellow. I hope he soon get over his liking of your toes.

  13. Puppy teeth are so sharp! Reading about it and seeing the pic made my toes curl.


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