Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Good Burger Bun

I’ve said this several times but a good hamburger may well be Bev’s favorite food.  And she likes them loaded up with stuff plus a reasonably thick burger – not like the meatballs you see served by restaurants on TV though.

The problem has always been finding a bun that will stand up to the eating process and not fall apart or turn to mush.  Recently she and the SIL had their first burger at Fuddruckers and Bev said that not only was it a good burger but the bun held up.

As it turns out, their philosophy is “You don't put the World's Greatest Hamburger on the World's second greatest bun. Not if you want to remain the World's Greatest Hamburger™,” so they make their own buns and sell them separately.  Bev brought home a bag to see how they would do with one of her burgers.

She started with burgers that looked like they had to be at least half-pounders and after I grill them, the construction process began and included the cheese added while grilling, lettuce, onion, tomatoes (the good ones), jalapeno slices, mustard, mayo, and pickle slices (I had mine on the side to cut down on the height).  This is mine and I neatened it up a little prior to attacking it - I wish I'd measured it's height.

As you can see, the bun itself is pretty thick and not for those who are on a low-carb diet and to give it a good test, it wasn’t given the extra strength of toasting.  Neither the bun crust or inside were as soft as the typical store bought buns, which seem to just be regular bread dough baked in a different shape, but both were plenty soft enough.  I can’t say if it was the buns thickness, the dough they used, their baking process, or all of them, but the bun lasted until the very end, even though it had to be mauled to get my mouth around it.  These have just become our go-to burger buns.

A tip we learned a long time ago – never put the tomato against the bun as it will soak and weaken it, as will anything wet – ours always gets dry lettuce as the top layer and it's probably best to put the cheese against the bottom half or another piece of lettuce as a juicy burger will also do it in.

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2/16/13 meal date


  1. You've brought back wonderful memories this morning for me. My mother made homemade bread almost daily and from time to time she would make homemade hamburger buns. They were the most fabulous thing I've ever tasted. Nothing and I mean nothing beats a homemade bun.

    Gosh, y'all sure eat good at Almost Heaven South.

  2. We used to have a Fudruckers here in Denver and it closed many years ago. And yes, I remember they did have really good burgers. I had no idea they sold their buns. I'm with Bev, a good burger may be my favorite meal. I wish you could try Whole Foods burger buns. It seems like what you are describing resembles their product. That's what I buy for burgers. And last time I accidentally grabbed Whole Wheat and they were just as good. Their Whole Wheat bun is what is pictured in my chicken/chorizo burger.

  3. Good tip about the tomatoes, Larry. I'm sure I put a big slice right on the bun all the time. I love homemade burger buns but they can be a little too much bread for me so I usually remove a little of the center. And it helps keep the insides from squishing out.

  4. I have heard that they were amazing too! I just love 5 Guys its our fav, but we have none here of what bev loves.. will have to keep an eye out for them

  5. Larry, We haven't eaten at Fuddrucker's in 4 or 5 years. I didn't know that you could buy their buns to take home. I recall that they do indeed hold up very well. Thanks for the tip!

    Did you notice that Ali Baba's is closing...he's retiring... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. We really like Fuddruckers, and I think it's time that we get back there. I didn't realize they sold their buns, however.

  7. Note to self: take Fuddrucker's buns to Larry's every time you go, or until Greenback gets their own Fuddrucker's.

  8. I like the way you build a burger...mustard and mayo on a hamburger is the way I grew up eating them. I make mine just like you except that my jalapeño is in the cheese.

  9. Our local grocery store makes their own burger and hot dog buns. They are the best! They're perfect for the thick juicy burgers Bill cooks on the grill---when I pile on the goodies like Bev does. Then there's 5 guys---they're good too!

  10. It is so true, why would you put a delicious first rate burger with a second rate bu,,,Words to live by... Your Bev loves a serious burger-delicious!


    P.S. I am getting ready for second spring-summer garden season. I have been loving it. I am hoping that the tomatoes fare better this year. I have a lot of romantic notions of canning.

  11. I had no idea they sold their buns separately. And we have one down the road from me. I do hate a mushy bun and I do like mine grilled with a smather of butter- something about the crispiness that I like.
    I am sure you are busy in the garden about now. It is still so cold up here, so nothing has really popped up yet. Come on Spring!!

  12. I agree 100% about the tomato and the bun. I hate soggy buns.

  13. I am also a member of the "no-soggy bun" camp. I think yucky, drippy bread is just awful! My husband adores a good burger - so I make them from time to time because that's the kind of wife I am - so sweet - ha ha. Have a great week Larry! And Bev too!


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