Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Paddy’s Leftovers & A Blogger Party

In Case You Missed The First Announcment
After fun events the two previous years, Katherine Aucoin, Chris Grove, and Larry Doolittle are pleased that we will be able to host a blogger party again this year. The date we’ve selected is May 27 – we realize this is Memorial Day weekend and thought the extra day for travel might make it easier for some to be here.

The event will once again be held at Bev and Larry’s home near Greenback, Tn. and the menu will be a crawfish and shrimp boil – if you’re not a shellfish eater, come anyway and we’ll grill you something. Unlike previous times, we’ll be asking for a donation to help with the meat costs.

We’ll send out more details in early April but wanted to get on your calendar now. We’ll be asking for an RSVP later, but so we can start our planning, please let Larry know now if you think you might join us – email Also please feel free to publicize this on your blog to reach more potential attendees. We hope you can join us.

For breakfast on Sunday morning, we just reheated some of the leftover potatoes and corned beef and fried an egg all in the same pan.

Afterward, I thought to myself – dummy you have potatoes and corned beef already cooked, why didn’t  you make hash?  So that’s what I did the next morning, adding a little additional green onion and Dubliner Irish Cheddar and cooking the eggs in

Then there was the required Reuben for supper one night - except it really wasn't because we used 1000 Island dressing and Irish cheddar cheese rather than Russian dressing and swiss cheese - but our corned beef on rye was very good.

I may have I already railed about the restaurant we recently ate at, offering a fish reuben - putting fried fish, cheese, and cole slaw between two pieces of rye bread does not a reuben make - I hate when people take such wild liberties - kinda like calling all drinks a martini just because they happen to be served in a martini glass regardless of what's in them - Sandra Lee did this a while back - no gin or dry vermouth and she called it a something or other martini - why not just give it a new name?  Pretty soon we'll have to invent a new language because the current definitions of things won't mean anything.  Okay rant over.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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3/18 & 3/19/2012  meal date


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  2. I agree with your comment about taking liberties and naming it a classic. The restaurant that served me that corned beef sandwich (the one I sent you the photo of), even though it had some of the characteristics of a Reuben, but with the addition of the egg and the horseradish sauce, they simply named it "Corned Beef Sandwich".

  3. I'm with Mary... I need to stop coming here right before work.. all I do once I get there is think about Larry the Breakfast King's breakfasts!!
    Fish ruben?? lol No one can think of anything original, can they?

  4. Oh how I wish I could come! Sounds delicious and you know the Tellico region is one of my favorite places. Nothing like fresh trout for breakfast. I miss it so much but we are 9 hours away. Hope it goes great!

  5. Larry, Great standard breakfast with great ingredients! Corned beef, eggs and those Irish potatoes! Nice Combo... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. I could eat the Reuben for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I love them!
    Wish I was a bit closer, Mr. T and I would join you for the blogger party. Maybe another year...

  7. I love both corned beef hash and Reubens. And there isn't much difference between the two types of dressing, so I'm pretty sure your sandwich qualifies as a Reuben.

  8. ha ha ha, love the rant. My husband would have been incredibly annoyed with that version of the Reuben as well. How pathetic.

    Your hash sounds amazingly delicious to me right now! Have a great night, Larry!

  9. The hash and Reuben both sound great, Larry. How about a fish Reuben? ha ha, just kidding.

  10. There are certainly a lot of 'faux' chefs out there who are worthy of being ranted at! There are many of us that they just can't fool!


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