Thursday, November 3, 2011

Almost Year Old Beef Ribs

We have a bad habit of putting things in the freezer to save for a special occasion, then not get around to eating them, and this is another example.  For dinner last Christmas, I smoked a whole bone-in standing rib roast and prior to adding the final crust in the oven, I removed the bones. 

Bev doesn’t much care for beef ribs and since she had abandoned me again for a couple of weeks to look after a set of grandkids, I decided now was the time to break them out.

I cut off a couple of bones, very lightly dusted them with the same rub they got originally, and allowed them to set on the counter for an hour to warm up some.

I got the gas grill as hot as it would go and put them over direct heat for about 5 minutes per side to get a crust and warm through.  Since they were already fully cooked I just took them to an internal temp of 125* and pulled and rested for about 5 minutes before cutting them apart – I wanted them to be more steak like than fall off the bone.

I sided them with some leftover mac & cheese.

Conclusion – tasty but too fatty for this low internal temperature and they needed more pre-cook warm up time on the counter.

The next meal, I nuked them to an internal temperature of 150* then took them to the grill and used the same procedure as before and I pulled them off at a temp of about 175*.

I sided them this time with mac and some sweet red peppers that had been marinated in Caesar Dressing.

The ribs were much better this time as more of the fat had been rendered, but I’ve about decided Bev is right.  While beef brisket is my favorite BBQ, beef ribs are way down on the list and hardly worth the effort for me – I have one more rack of them in the freezer that I removed from a roast and it could be my last.

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  1. Wow.That was a wonderful aged beef you produced.Yummy:)

  2. Thanks for sharing...but I gotta admit I prefer pork ribs over beef! Guess it is that southern in me.

  3. So, that happens to you too. Phew, thought it was just us.

    That's some good eats for someone who's been abandoned Larry.

  4. It's been years and years since I bought beef ribs. There must be a reason why I always grab for pork.

  5. Wow when I go out of town my man ends up at McDonald's. You do very well for yourself!

  6. Larry, The beef ribs look great to me! I will admit that I will usually choose pork ribs over beef ribs...but I do enjoy changing things up once in awhile. Mac 'n Cheese and Beef Ribs...only a man would come with a healthy meal like that! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. I love ribs except for the fact that it's an awful lot of work to get enough meat to satisfy you. Still, this was a good series of meals for a solo guy!

  8. I'm 50/50 on pork vs beef ribs. I like them both and it just depends on my mood.

  9. They look good to me... I just love ribs though - beef, pork - bring it on!!!


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