Friday, July 1, 2011

Salmon and Garden Goodies

After 6 months of Afgan food, which was mostly beef and lamb, Rhett wanted seafood and since we still had most of what we bought in Maine, we decided to begin with grilled salmon and eat down at the lake.  As it turned out, I had dug my potato crop that morning and while doing it I looked over at the corn and it looked promising - we had some ready to pull.

Rhett and the girls went down to the lake earlier and when we got there we found this.

The salmon was cooked using this Al Roker recipe from the June 16, Parade Magazine.

Grilled Salmon With Maple-Ginger Glaze

·         ¾ cup maple syrup
·         1⁄3 cup balsamic vinegar
·         3 Tbsp fresh ginger, peeled and minced
·         4 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
·         ½ to ¾ tsp hot-red-pepper flakes
·         Salt (to taste)
·         1 (3-lb) side of salmon, skin on, boned
·         3 to 4 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Prepare a charcoal fire, or preheat a gas grill for direct grilling over medium flame.
In a small bowl, mix together the first six ingredients.
Using a pastry brush, coat both sides of the salmon with olive oil.
Place the salmon, flesh side down, on the grill. Cook until it loosens its grip on the grill, 7 to 8 minutes. Turn carefully, then spoon the sauce over the cooked side of the fish. Grill until the sauce has formed a glaze and the salmon flakes with a fork but is still a bit opaque in the center, about 4 to 5 minutes.
Remove from the grill and serve.

This is the cook station.
For the mix of Yukon Gold and Red Worland potatoes, I picked out some of the small ones and boiled them until just tender.  They were then browned in butter to develop a little crust.  The Ambrosia bi-color corn was just boiled in salted water and buttered – sounds like a Paula Deen meal doesn’t it?
This is my plate - not too bad for a meal down in the country.
The potatoes and corn were delicious as expected.  This is the second batch of farm raised Scottish salmon we’ve eaten and it is just outstanding fish.  I thought the glaze was very good, but I’m not as big a sweet fan as I am savory - if you like these flavors, I believe you’d like this recipe.
After an evening over the hot grill, the cook had to cool off a little and as always, Sweetie had to go with me.
Can you believe this little Yorkie can swim and pull a float?
All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.
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  1. Hi Rhett and welcome home. We met your girls and they are dolls.

    Looks like you're being treated to good eats, as Alton Brown would say. You deserve it and thank you for serving our country. I hope you and your family have a very special 4th of July at the lake.

    Love all of the pictures Larry, especially the one of you and Sweetie. Hugs to Bev.
    Sam (and Meakin)

  2. Actually Paula Deen would have figured out some way to add Velveeta to the meal. And goodness, isn't Rhett a handsome young man. I bet everyone is so glad to have him home. Love the photo of you and Sweetie. Whose little Yorkie is that??? Great photo. I've got two and I suppose they can swim, not sure about acting as tug boats. And finally, what a coincidence, my friends David and Linda who I've blogged about Lamb Chops and Tree House Salad just sent me this very same Salmon recipe yesterday. They tried it a couple days ago and loved it so much they took the time to type it up. I'll have to look for that farm raised salmon. Great post Larry.

  3. The meal looks fantastic!! As does the water fun :)

  4. Larry, Family looks like like they're having a great time in "A Little Piece of Heaven South"! Great looking dinner!! Salmon, fresh sweet corn and new potatoes...a mouth watering winner!
    Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  5. Hi There, So glad to get home and back to blogging. We did have a fabulous trip--but home is pretty nice also!!!!!

    Sorry we missed the Blogger Party... I'm sure that everyone had a great time.

    What were you doing in my area??? We WERE home. Got home Tuesday night.

  6. That is the life!

    Great post, so glad your son is home!

  7. Garden fresh corn, potatoes and delicious salmon plus a dip in the lake? Sounds like a perfect day!

  8. I saw that same recipe and thought that maple with the salmon sounded like a great idea.

    And I don't see Sweetie swimming. I see her staying all dry and fluffy and cute, while you do the work!

    Happy holiday, Larry and Bev.

  9. The recipe is grea - you know, I have all the ingredients except the salmon! Ah, Pacific salmon is farmed here so i must suggest this recipe to my dear Dad.

    It must be such a relief to have Rhett back in the US (please pass on my congratulations on his new appointment - so good to see his fine management and skills recognised).

    Wow - with your weather I think I would be living down at the dock. Such fun photos of special folks cooling off. Please give your doglets extra special huggles from me,

    Michelle and a snoozling Zebby cat down under in New Zealand, xxxxxx to you and your dear Bev and purrrrumbles from you know who!!!

  10. Now this is exactly my kind of meal! The glaze on that salmon sounds amazing. Welcome home Rhett!

  11. Looks like Rhett is settling in nicely and you put out a nice spread for him. You can tell by the smiles all around that it was a wonderful day for everyone.

    Thank you to Rhett for your service.

  12. Thank you Rhett for so unselfishly serving our country!. All of your girls are amazing dolls!

    Larry I know you are Bev are so proud to have Rhett with you and ya'll are spoiling him, deservedly so with awesome eats. The salmon looks phenominal!

    Happy 4th to all of you!

  13. What a great post, Larry! That meal sounds out-of-this-world good and to cook it down by the lake just tops it all off. Thank your son for his service! Happy Independence Day to you all!

  14. You've got the right idea, Larry.....if it were me in this hot weather, I'd be in that lake in a New York "second"....our boat propeller is on the blink and therefore in the boat shop, so no water fun for us this year....but then again, it's supposed to rain here, so I'll just have to have fun in the kitchen! Not a problem! Happy 4th to Bev, you and your fam!


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