Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A New Toy - Just What I Need

Now that our granddaughter is living with us, I have to do a whole lot more parenting than grand parenting, however, at the end of the day, I’m still GRANDPOP. Therefore, when the little lady is sitting here in her Meme’s chair eating store bought jerky and telling me how much she likes the stuff her dad makes with his jerky gun, I’m forced into action. I occasionally make whole muscle jerky, as I have a nice dehydrator that I use for veggie drying, and have often considered getting a jerky gun. The gun is for making jerky out of ground meat – it’s probably not really jerky (according to Wikipedia) but rather flavored, dried, meat product (that doesn’t sound too appealing). Anyhow, Alex’s dad sent me the info on his jerky gun, gave me a good operational report, and I ordered a Jerky Blaster from Cabela’s. I love it when something happens that requires me to by a new tool. It looks like a good machine and I’ll make up a batch when the girls get home from the beach. Maybe faux jerky is something I can send everyone for Christmas – I’m sure the seven other grandkids would prefer it to toys, clothes, or cash - yeah right.

I was going to save this for when I actually made some up, but had nothing else to post about today. This way I can get a twofer – today and when I do make some.

In looking at other blogs, I’m going to have to figure out how to add some other stuff to my blog page – it'll give me something to do on cold rainy (it rarely snows here) winter days.

Have a great day

The Big Dude


  1. google "How to add Blog Widgets" and you will find plenty of things to add. If you have any questions, or see some widget on my site you want to add, feel free to email me and I will try to help...

    Love the gun... Meat, gun and jerky all in the same post... Grunt grunt grunt

    Why are out door cooks stereotyped as knuckle dragging Neanderthals???

  2. I also want to make a fatty piston. Have you seen those?

  3. Hey Big Dude,
    I own a "jerky Gun" as well. I have no problems with it. Sometimes u just don't want to go thru all the steps for regular jerky.
    I am addicted to all things smoked. Even cigars. I built a new smoker this season. You can check it out at A simple life.
    Thats my blog. I am under you on Cowgirls list.
    Keep smokin!!!!!!


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